Friday, June 8, 2012

I am Back! :D

Hi... It's a very looooooong time for me to get back to do some scrapbook again. Umm.. let's say.. two years? More! More than two years but less than three years. Hahaha....

Yeah.. things happened. I got pregnant started on August 2010, delivered my baby boy on April, 26th 2011. And he's 13.5 mos now. Time flies. He grows and grows and grows. So does my oldest son. He'll start being a senior kindergarten class in weeks.

About few weeks ago, Mel sent me private message on Facebook. Wondering if I would like to be her CT. I just could not believe it. I've been taking my break of my scrapbook things for a very long time and she offered me to be her CT? But I answered YES. It's crazy, huh?

Well, okay, I'll stop bubbling. Now I would like to show you Mel's amazing Cruising Kit. It's available on My Memories. Here are the preview of the kits. Cute, huh?

 and of course my work with the kit. 

Well, I know, they're not as great as my works in the last two years. It looks like a newbie work. Well, that's okay. This is my first try after two years break... 
The upper of my work is linked to digishoptalk gallery... Thank you so much for looking...


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