Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Challenge - part 1

I've been joining since the last of June 2008. When I browsed the internet to find anything about digital scrapbook, Scrapbookflair was on the top one. They gave us software to be downloaded for free. It really helped me to try my first scrapbook. I learn more and more. But, when I used scrapbookflair's software, it's not as simple as I estimated. Opening files we needed to make layout one by one was impractically. Not as simple as when we open the files on Microsoft Word or Open Office word.

Then I tried to use Adobe Photoshop CS to make my layout. It's simpler than scrapbookflair's software. When I need to open many files in seconds, it's okay. I don't have to open files one by one. So it's easy for me to use so many embelishment, paper, alphabets on my layouts.

Back to, they built community. We can add scrapbookflair's members to be our contact. And now, I have a lot of friends from other countries. Some of them are Indonesian. We haven't met directly, but we met virtually.
They made "challenge" facility too. Anyone, members of can make their own challenge or we can just join those challenge by voting or posting our own layout. I had joined so many challenges. And I have never won one of them! Haha. Here there are my layout those I posted on those challenges...

Magnet Challenge

Magazine Challenge

Kids Challenge

I forget what challenge that I uploaded this layout, sorry

Brother and Sisters Challenge

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