Friday, December 11, 2009

- best friend forever -

Salam and hi...

I met my best friend ever since I was in junior high school. She used to be my chair mate when we were on our 3rd grade. We shared everything. We used to do our homework together. She always came to my house to do our homework. She ever gave me a bouquet of Edelweiss. But when we went to senior high school, we've never met again. We went to different school. She went to SMA Negeri 9 Bandung and I went to SMA Negeri 2 Bandung. Yes, of course. I did miss her sooooo much! I've never have a nice friend like her.

Since the facebook made us met again. Thank you, Facebook! LOL. Now we don't want to be divided again. She's been married for almost 12 years! She has 3 lovely kiddos. Salman, Aisy and Afgan. I love to be her friend again. I don't wanna lose her again. I love her!

And I made this layout dedicated to her. Yes, Vicki has released her Vintage Chic store kit that you can find it on Scrap That Idea Store.

Owh, I remember some lines of Atlantic Star song, My Best Friend:

you are the piece of the puzzle I need
to make my life full and complete
I love you so and thanks for being my best friend....

She's made my life full and complete. I feel so blessed to have a great friend like her...

Thank you so much for reading this... Love you!

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  1. Oh Peni anak SMAN 2, kalo aku SMAN 1. Senengnya ketemu teman lama. Badewei bahasa Inggris peni mantab!!!!

    LO-nya simply gorgeous!!!